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The Benefits of a Managed IT Service Provider When You're an On-The-Go Business

January 18, 2022  |  by Michael Fialkowski, Director of Advanced Technologies

Designing, implementing, maintaining, securing, and growing enterprise infrastructure and on-premises services is hard, time-consuming work. As many organizations know firsthand, it’s also potentially very expensive.

For years, businesses had no choice but to set up and maintain their own computing infrastructure, data centers, and servers to enable their business operations, power their applications, and store their important customer and corporate data.

Today, businesses looking to streamline their operating costs, simplify their infrastructure management, and future-proof their technology—especially in the face a more mobile and connected workforce—now have the choice of many managed IT service providers, ready to deliver services at the size, scope, and scale they need. This is why the global managed services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.7 percent from 2021 to 2028, to reach a forecasted revenue of $552 billion by 2028.

What are the big drivers and benefits businesses can expect to their operations if they, too, make the move to partner with a managed IT service provider? Let’s find out.

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1. The Ability to Scale as Business Needs Dictate

One of the most commonly known benefits of working with a managed services partner is easy access to the services and experience that they need, when they need it. The same is also true as business needs grow and change, allowing your business to scale down or swap out services, only paying for the support and services that you need. 

In other words, instead of fixed and ongoing costs for technical employees, including the cost of hiring and retaining specialized IT staff, you only have to budget for the managed services that you use, when you need them. For example, if you have a short-term technical project or system upgrade, your organization can increase the use of just those professionals for that period of time and then easily scale back to the original service levels. 


2. Built-In Proactive Patching, Security, and Maintenance 

As technology has evolved, so, too, has the complexity of maintaining the necessary security to comply with business and regulatory requirements. In turn, it can be difficult and costly to constantly train staff to research, test, and implement the latest security patches to keep your infrastructure secure.

A managed services partner helps in this situation, too, using industry-wide knowledge and a deep bench of technical expertise to proactively manage your software and hardware. A managed service provider can even use logging, alerts, and remote services to triage issues before they cause downtime. 

Not only does this free up your internal staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives, but it also improves your organization's ability to stay ahead of the latest security threats.

3. The Agility to Quickly Introduce the Latest Technology 

In addition to helping with the basic blocking and tackling of managing and maintaining your enterprise infrastructure, managed services partners can provide your team with a consultative perspective needed to identify, test, and deploy new technologies and cloud services faster and easier.

In a time when customers and employees are expecting more personalization and digital services, a managed services partner uses their knowledge of your business’ operations and combines it with their experience with the wider technology landscape to proactively connect your team with new features and tools. Many can even assist with demos and help with the deployment, training, and management of the launch.

4. Access to Responsive and Experienced Professionals

No matter when, where, and how your organization works, a managed services provider has the skill, experience, and IT professionals to ensure that your team has access to the resources and services they need, when they need them. This often includes access to 24x7 support and dedicated account managers.

Access like this can provide extra peace of mind by giving you the necessary support for an unexpected outage, special event, or even a cyberattack or natural weather threat to your operations. As a result, these incidents have less negative impact to your operations—including downtime—which helps maintain customer trust in your brand.

Take the Next Step with a Managed IT Service Provider

Technology makes up the backbone of your business, contributing directly and indirectly to a big portion of your customer’s overall experience. With so much relying on your tech performance and sophistication, the decision to work with a managed services partner can make both financial and operational sense. It introduces an efficient, versatile, and proactive way to maintain and grow your technology ecosystem.

Is your team ready to make your technology work for you with the support of an experienced and reliable managed services provider? Schedule a call with one of our experts—we would love to talk with you.


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