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The Basics of IT Infrastructure Management

February 16, 2022  |  by VectorUSA

From powering how your employees connect and collaborate to providing reliable, secure service when your customers want it, your organization’s technology always needs to be ready to perform.

Flexible, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure doesn’t happen on its own. Organizations need strong IT infrastructure management programs to meet their business objectives and maintain a competitive edge.

Just what is IT infrastructure management and what key facets should it include? Let’s dig into the answers.

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What is IT infrastructure management?

When your websites are resolving quickly, applications are reliably processing data, and customers and employees are able to collaborate and communicate, you don’t think about all of the back-end technical components that are making it all work.

However, with an ever-growing suite of technologies, an evolving threat landscape, and rising expectations for performance and reliability, organizations need a structured way to maintain their IT infrastructure. 

This is often referred to as IT infrastructure management, which is a programmatic and proactive approach toward monitoring, maintaining, and evolving the hardware, software, and other individual elements that come together to provide your organization’s enterprise IT services.

At a high level, IT infrastructure management plans include the following elements within their scope: 

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Facilities
  • Networking equipment and wiring
  • Security tools and devices
  • Incident response and disaster recovery plans
  • Patch and configuration management procedures
  • Troubleshooting and help desk support

What are the benefits of IT infrastructure management?

Although every organization will require their own unique IT infrastructure management program, the benefits of taking a structured, proactive approach are universally recognized.

In general, IT infrastructure management enables your business to:

  • Provide a positive customer experience via reliable, uninterrupted access to services and applications
  • Collaborate on, develop, launch, and maintain services and solutions
  • Enable data collection and processing needed to make data-driven decisions
  • Improve employee productivity with quick, dynamic applications and connectivity
  • Build brand trust with customers with secure and resilient services
  • Incorporate new tools and technologies 

How can a managed services partner help? 

In today’s connected digital economy, IT infrastructure forms the backbone of your business. However, finding a balance is difficult when it comes to having the right staff with the right hardware and technical experience, the necessary tools and accelerators, and the capacity to proactively manage each aspect of IT.

This is why many businesses turn toward managed services partners, who can quickly bring the following to bear:

  • Tools and procedures to structure infrastructure configuration, patching, and maintenance
  • Deep experience monitoring the performance of computing and networking resources
  • Robust capacity to detect, prevent, and mitigate threats
  • Scalable services to meet operating demands

Equally important, the right managed services partner can also become a trusted advisor that helps your team navigate changes in your operations and prepare for the road ahead.

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Ultimately, IT and security professionals enable the business to serve customers more effectively, efficiently, and securely. A sound IT infrastructure management program makes this happen by:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Providing the services businesses need to meet the demands of the overall organization

Fortunately, partnering with an experienced and trusted managed services partner like VectorUSA takes the complexity and stress out of implementing an IT infrastructure management program. The right partner provides the foundation your team needs to stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

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