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How IT Services Organizations Can           Keep You Safer

February 08, 2021  |  by Michael Fialkowski, Director of Advanced Technologies


The last year has brought many changes to how organizations are operating, which makes the already difficult job of maintaining cybersecurity controls and standards even more complicated.

Fortunately, your cybersecurity professionals do not have to face these challenges alone. IT service providers are well positioned to help organizations like yours overcome these challenges and be ready for those of tomorrow. In addition to bringing the expertise, flexibility, and technology to secure your network security and IT infrastructure, they also have the critical skill sets that you need to get the job done.

What can IT services organizations do for your business? Here are seven key ways they can help keep your operations safer in 2021 and beyond.

Reevaluate Remote Work Technologies

Whether or not your organization was ready for the remote work environment that 2020 saw in full effect, this is the time to evaluate how your employees can stay connected when they are on the move, without sacrificing security.

There are many commercial secure access solutions available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as service limitations. Similarly, the methods available to share, store, and back up files have also evolved quickly, and specialized tools, like Data Loss Prevention, can enhance security without slowing down the pace of business in a distributed environment.

An IT services organization can help evaluate your current portfolio of tools and identify the solutions that you need to be ready for what is next.

Bolster Identity and Access Management Tools

Establishing and maintaining strong identity and access management (IAM) policies and tools can be a huge endeavor for any organization, but the benefits to security and productivity can be substantial.

Let an IT service provider handle the implementation, streamline the governance, and demonstrate just how much an IAM solution can add an extra layer of protection to your critical systems by: 

  • Increasing password strength 
  • Introducing advanced logging
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication 

Reinforce Employee Threat Awareness Training

Creating and delivering cyber threat awareness training is an important but time-consuming project. Take advantage of the knowledge and tools that IT services organizations have in developing industry- and compliance-specific training to more effectively educate your staff on new threats or security policies.

Are you ready for the cyberthreats that lie ahead? Find out here.


Reduce Costs Without Lowering Security Standards

Maybe you have legacy systems that you have been meaning to migrate to the cloud, or maybe you want to squeeze more productivity out of your current cloud infrastructure. Either way, IT services organizations are uniquely positioned to provide consultative and implementation support, helping reduce IT infrastructure costs without sacrificing security. While you are at it, let your IT services partner handle the around-the-clock support, maintenance, and ongoing patch management.

Strengthen Firewalls, Application Security, and Antivirus Detection

The techniques and tools cybercriminals employ are constantly changing. Are you able to keep up? Let an IT services partner maintain and update rules, systems configurations, and security products while also identifying the necessary tools to prepare for the growing threats to your organization’s network security.

Provide Critical Skill Set Coverage

If you are like most organizations, you have a critical cybersecurity skills shortage. Let an IT services partner fill your functional gaps with expert practitioners, providing the benefits of someone who can deal with hard-to-find software, hardware, and technology skills—without all of the overhead.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance Standards

Keeping up with changes in compliance standards and how they affect your business can equate to several full-time positions. IT services partners have the resources and skills to help review, distill down, and assist in implementing key features of relevant compliance standards. From the payment card industry’s Data Security Standard (DSS), to federal laws concerning HIPAA, to the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies, an IT service organization can balance the requirements, reporting, and compliance maintenance you need to run smoothly.

Take the Next Step

IT services organizations can offer your company the flexibility, efficiency, security, and innovative solutions you need to stay safer in 2021, while also freeing up your staff to take on larger, more strategic initiatives. In other words, no matter your technology challenges or your goals for the road ahead, lean on the experienced IT services professionals at VectorUSA to help put your organization on a new upward trajectory. 

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