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VectorUSA Adds to Its Audiovisual Solutions With Maintenance to Augment Service Offerings

AUDIOVISUAL  |   June 24, 2021  |  by VectorUSA

LOS ANGELESJune 24, 2021 – VectorUSA, a premier technology solution provider that designs, builds and maintains best-of-breed systems, including networks, security, data center, wireless, cloud, audiovisual (A/V) and managed solutions — today announced the addition of a complete A/V service solution that includes maintenance to augment its robust service offerings. Aiming to provide a one-stop shop for unified communications, the company is well positioned to attract enterprise and commercial clients that require more complex systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic drove the need for more unified communications systems in order to support remote meetings, classes and work in a cloud-based world. Subsequently, information technology (IT) solutions are converging, with organizations looking to satisfy all of their technology systems needs under one roof, without having to use various subcontractors. VectorUSA provides this capability, with the ability to bundle all services together — network support, infrastructure, structured cabling and electrical — using their own in-house certified and licensed experts to handle the work and the maintenance. VectorUSA offers a complete A/V service solution, providing a one-stop shop for unified communications to enterprises.

“While adapting to the physical constraints of the pandemic, business leaders learned quickly that they could run companies without offices, and education administrators learned they could run schools without classrooms,” said VectorUSA Vice President of Sales Curtis Paradzick. “As we transition to a new normal, most organizations will consider a hybrid approach that provides employees and users with options between in-person, remote or a combination of the two. These organizations need to be able to support the technical requirements of all three of those options, and VectorUSA’s complete solutions provide the synergy for better full-service outcomes.”

VectorUSA provides organizations of all sizes with the ability to design and integrate solutions for whatever space they have and provide all of the services (such as network support, structure, cabling and electrical) to implement it. As its A/V department grows, it’s providing more services on the integration side and expanding its maintenance capabilities as well. VectorUSA’s customers can get everything they need with just one purchase order and one point of contact, making it a convenient, seamless experience.

“There is nothing more frustrating than technology not working properly,” said VectorUSA AV Operations Manager Scott Welsh, CTS-D. “Some of the few technologies end users can touch are A/V and collaboration tools, so it’s critical that those remain up to par. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ workforces remain accessible at all times to support effortless collaboration between teams, whether they’re working from home, a conference room or elsewhere. The hope is that this proactive approach helps to alleviate frustration throughout organizations and all the way up to the C-suite.”


As a premier technology solution provider, VectorUSA designs, builds and maintains best-of-breed systems, including networks, security, data center, wireless, cloud, A/V (audiovisual) and managed solutions. The company operates with the agility and drive of a start-up while leveraging its thirty-plus years of engineering expertise to improve business outcomes. VectorUSA was built on its reputation for developing strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Its team masters new technologies quickly and provides its clients the personalized attention they deserve. For additional information about VectorUSA, please visit https://vectorusa.com/.

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