5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Audiovisual System Running Smoothly

April 19, 2021  |  by Scott Welsh, AV Operations Manager

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Between impromptu meetings, scheduled teleconferences, and large-scale events, your organization relies heavily on your audiovisual systems and equipment to work correctly every time, all the time. When it is working correctly, your team doesn’t even notice it. However, when there is an issue, productivity can come to a screeching halt.

Therefore, just like any other piece of infrastructure or key part of your operations, it’s important not to overlook preventative maintenance and care of the audiovisual equipment that keeps your business running. Here are five of our key tips to keep your audiovisual systems and equipment running smoothly.

1. Create an audiovisual inventory.

Are you confident in your knowledge of what types of audiovisual equipment and systems are deployed, where the equipment and systems are, who is responsible for maintaining them, and their current health?

If you cannot confidently answer yes to all of these questions, then the first step in protecting and improving your audiovisual equipment is ensuring you have a firm understanding of equipment location and its current performance health. Whether this responsibility falls to a dedicated technician or is a shared role based on office location, floor, department, or other logical allocation, it is important to conduct an accurate initial assessment and keep the inventory constantly updated.

2. Confirm that your audiovisual equipment fits your business needs.

Having the wrong equipment integrated into your spaces or the wrong types of systems in place to meet your users’ needs can frustrate your employees. Not only that, it also increases the likelihood of equipment failure as employees find workarounds, using the systems differently than intended.

Therefore, once you get your initial inventory done, call in a professional to help you review deployments to make sure they are meeting your business and user needs.

3. Make a preventative maintenance plan and schedule.

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, audiovisual systems also often need software patches and firmware updates. Make a schedule, outlining when required updates should be made and assigning appropriate owners to ensure they are completed.

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4. Make easily accessible guides.

Although some of your staff may think your audiovisual solutions are easy to understand and use, not all of your team members may be so tech-savvy. One easy solution is to make sure there are easily accessible visuals and readable step-by-step guides that describe how systems are to be used. This can help make sure systems are used correctly and safely, preventing tampering or misuse that could impact their lifespan.

5. Consider an experienced managed services provider.

The last year has proven just how important having the right audiovisual equipment in place and working correctly is, both in the office and to your individual staff working remotely. With so many different types of solutions, patches and firmware updates, and maintenance plans, the task of managing all your audiovisual equipment and systems can be a big workload for your staff.

Instead, give your staff more time to focus on their mission by utilizing a managed services partner to take all of this work off your hands and put more time and resources back into directly serving your customers. Even better, an experienced managed services provider can make sure your staff knows about new advancements in audiovisual technology that they can use to enhance their own work.

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If your team wants to get the most from your audiovisual solutions and be ready to maximize the technology at any time, contact the VectorUSA team to speak to one of our experts, and learn more about our comprehensive managed services program.

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