VectorUSA and Cisco Make Green Dot Schools Safer

May 11, 2019  |  by VectorUSA

VectorUSA designed and installed a Cisco VSOM Physical Security Solution at eight Green Dot Public Charter Schools in the Los Angeles County area. The objective was to create a safer learning environment with a surveillance system that protected students, staff, faculty and property.

Green Dot Public Schools manages 19 charter high schools in Los Angeles County with nearly 9,000 students, teachers and staff. To increase safety and security, Green Dot Schools requested a cutting-edge surveillance solution for eight of its schools. Working together, VectorUSA and Green Dot Public Schools officials chose the Cisco Advanced Physical Security solution with VSOM, Cisco’s Video Surveillance Operations Manager Software. This solution provides broad capabilities in video surveillance, IP cameras, electronic access control, and technology that converges voice, data, and physical security in one modular platform. At each of the contracted schools, VectorUSA engineers installed Cisco Network Surveillance cameras, Cisco Media server with VSOM software, and CAT6 cabling to support the infrastructure. Camera types included fixed-view, 360-degree and PTZ cameras. Each camera was assembled and adjusted for maximum focus and alignment.

VectorUSA engineers turned their attention to the servers and software. They chose the Cisco UCS C240 Servers offering 512GB of RAM, eight drives and two 1GE LAN Interfaces built into the motherboard. The VSOM software was successfully installed and the solution is now in full operation. As a result of VectorUSA’s installation, theft and vandalism at the schools have decreased and school officials are better able to monitor their schools from a single location or on their smart devices.

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