Looking back at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD Toy Drive Event

ANNOUNCEMENTS  |   January 05, 2023  |  by VectorUSA

After the success of VectorUSA’s employee bike building event in the Fall of 2022 in North Carolina, VectorUSA worked with the local Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) on Westinghouse Boulevard to include the bikes in their Annual Christmas Toy Drive.  


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On an uplifting Saturday, excited kids from our surrounding community gathered for this special event where deserving raffle winners received amazing gifts. It was truly wonderful to see the joy on everyone's faces, as Niels Hansen noted, “It was a great pleasure to see the expression on the faces of the kids.”  To see more about what happened that day, check out the event recap video below - it was truly a magical sight! 

We'd like to extend our gratitude to those who participated and be proud that we have made such an impactful difference right down the street from us here at VectorUSA! 

Moving forward, VectorUSA hopes to make the same impactful difference within our communities for the new year.  

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